Personalised Rice Charms

We've added personalised rice charms to our shop and as there are many different combinations, please take a quick look at this guide to help you understand rice charms and give you inspiration to creating your very own and unique piece of jewellery or accessory.

We have over 25 different vial shapes and colours so you are sure to find something you like for yourself or to give as a present.

Step 1 - Choose a vial

Choose your vial, we have glow in the dark vials, vials with a little gem (rhinestone), plain vials, shaped vials and coloured vials.

Step 2 - How are you going to show it off

What would you like to transform it into? Currently all rice charms can be made into a keyring, phone charm, necklace or bracelet.

We have two necklace styles - one with small round beads and another one which is flat and smooth (snake chain). Both are 18 carat white gold plated.


We have two colour bracelets - red or black cord.


We have 7 different colours for the phone charms; please specify a colour or a random one will be chosen for you.

And the keyring is stainless steel.

Step 3 - Optional Extras (available on a select few)

Only 6 of our rice charms can have optional extras such as:

  • Glow in the dark rock

  • Coloured beads


  • Dried flower

  • Extra rice

Remember you don't need to write a name on a grain of rice, it can be a word too, such as Happiness, Love, Success, pretty much whatever you want it to be.

If you can't decide or are having trouble please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

All rice charms come in a small organza gift bag.