Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Q. Why are some items listed on the website pre-order only?
A. As you know everyone has their own taste and opinions on what they like, we list some items as pre-orders only so we can keep in stock things that are fresh and easy to sell. We have to pay for all orders upfront and stocking all products would require a big warehouse and more capital. 
Q. What does it mean when it says an item is available after such a date?
A. This means that we have already placed an order and we hope to get it by date X, therefore you can wait for it to be in stock to place your order. We try to have a few items ready to ship as we understand sometimes you fall in love with something and want it quick.
Q. Why are most of the jewellery sold on the website sterling silver only?
A. Although we do have some pieces of jewellery that are stainless steel and white/gold plated, we believe that you get what you pay for. By spending a little more on sterling silver, you get better quality and long lasting jewellery that won't lose its colour and shine. Cheaper jewellery looks nice in the short run but over time it will lose its lovely colour and shine and will no longer be wearable.
Q. How come you don't keep a lot of stock?
A. When you are out and about and you spot someone wearing the same thing that you have on or something which you have at home, how do you feel? We would rather have smaller stock so that you can rest assured knowing that there won't be masses of people buying the same as you.
Q. I've seen something I really want but it's out of stock, how can I place the order?
A. Just use the contact page to send us a message and if we have enough interest and our supplier still has the item, we will try to get more in.
Q. I'm looking for something paticular that you don't have?
A. If you have your heart set on something that you cannot find in our shop, send us a message using the contact page and we will try and help you.
Q. I would like to place a large order, will I get a discount?
A. If a discount is applicable, it will show up on the order page. If you would like to order something where no discount is available, contact us and we will try our best to give you a good price. 
Q. How long is delivery?
A. If it's a product that we have in stock then you should get your order within a few days. If however it is a pre-order item, then we will need to place the order and as our suppliers are based all over the world, it may take between 3-6 weeks depending on where it's coming from. As soon as your order has arrived and been checked over, we will contact you to let you know that order is on its way.
Q. Where do you get your products from?
A. We have suppliers in all corners of the world, USA, Europe and Asia. We try to get you the best price by going direct to the factory instead of using a third party. If you see something you like, email us the link and we'll try and source the item for you.
Q. How are your goods priced?
A. We take into consideration the cost of the goods, shipping, VAT and tax before we set a price on an item to make a profit. However we also try to be fair to our customers as we know everyone wants to buy nice things, therefore we carefully pick out items and price them competitively. Please also bear in mind that we package our own goods too and packaging is also added to the cost of goods.
Q. Why are used items listed?
A. We have created a separate category for used items as we have many unique pieces that have been used just once in most cases. All items that are listed in the used category are in excellent or perfect condition with plenty of life left in them so why not grab yourself or someone you know a bargain?
Q. With so many Facebook groups popping up selling similar things, what makes Clever Dodo Boutique different?
A. At Clever Dodo Boutique we strive to offer you a first class service. We provide all item details for you to see so there's no need to ask any further questions; if however we have not provided information that you require then please get in touch with us. Shopping at Clever Dodo is so simple - we do all the work sourcing products for you; you just find something you like and choose a method to pay and we then deliver directly to your door or you can choose to collect your item in person.
Thank You for shopping at Clever Dodo Boutique