About Us

Welcome to Clever Dodo Boutique! As you probably know, the Clever Dodo website was launched in April 2011 and it started as a Q&A site for Mauritians and non-citizens to use. As the community grew, we found there was a gap in the market when it came to buying things online since there was no such site that offered an all-in-one service. All over the world people can shop and buy products through the internet at the comfort of their own home, so why not in Mauritius too? Well that's why the Clever Dodo Boutique was created. 

Like what you see? Add the products to your cart and checkout using Paypal and just sit back and wait for your parcel to arrive or if you're too eager and cannot wait, choose pick up from store and a sales representative will meet you at our distribution office in Port Louis to hand over your order.

At present, to offer you the best prices possible we are operate via the web only; we have no shopfront where you can pop in to have a look and purchase our items. We only have a distribution office that is used solely to meet customers to hand over their orders, and we are not present there all day everyday, only when needed to meet customers. We do plan on having a shop in future, so stay tuned.

We offer you a safe and convenient way to shop online - choose your products, pay through the internet and receive your items by post.

Mauritius is classed as a Cyber Island, so let's take it one step closer!